Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day as far as accomplishments go. Spent time in the AM working on some writing for my blog; a two-fold attack plan. First, I had information concerning some job possibilities that had to be examined. By blogging about them it gave me the time to look at the information I had gathered, and determine if the jobs offered where realistic or not. I have posted some of the information already with more to come as I had to do a bit more digging concerning one company.

(See note below concerning Procard International.)

I also decided to leave my resume as a stand alone blog with no links back to my primary blog. I am wondering if I should completely severe the connection between the two blogs but think I have. I do not have my profile information listed in the sidebar of my resume. Something I will have to look at a bit more as I'm not sure exactly what purpose I want my resume to serve as I do have it available on CareerBuilders.

After the weather cleared some I put in more applications. Two companies (restaurants) look promising which gives me four possibilities over the next 10-14 days. School here in Wichita starts soon, both levels, so I'm thinking that is why the delay. It will give me time to craft some type of cover letter to entice the management, if necessary. I do have a few applications I'm planning on turning in but may wait to see what comes about with the papers submitted up to this point.

Still have paperwork that needs completed ASAP. Financial information for hospital to reduce/eliminate cost of ER visit for stitches. They also have a form for financial counseling and assistance for applying for public medical benefits. Something I definitely need help with as I can not afford COBRA from former employer, even if I was working. Being that I am in a new state I will take whatever help I can get in dealing with the system.

I finally was able to secure my first medication evaluation appointment. I have been trying to get that appointment since early July. They called with a cancellation for today or I believe I would still be attempting to get in if not for their call. I will say this, I hate these type of appointments (mental health issues), dealing with new psyche doctor can be taxing to say the least. I also have my first therapy appointment later in the day, so I am getting a double whammy. Not sure which one is going to be worse!!

Altho my list is a bit smaller than before I still have much to do--contact LIONS about possible help with securing new glasses; work on my power of attorney and living will; cover letters; transit bus information; utilize other job search sites (if needed); update financial accounts; and of course blog.

So much to do so little time!!

In regards to the Procard International post from the other day. Out of curiosity I went to the BBB website to see what if any types of complaints issues they may have. Altho this information won't help in determining whether the job opportunity is legitimate, it will show that the "product" being offered is.

They are a BBB accredited business (since 2002) and yes they have complaints, what company hasn't. The issues mentioned were resolved accordingly and Procard is rated A+.

Something to keep in mind when considering whether to apply or not.

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