Monday, August 10, 2009

Not looking to get rich quick

As you read this blog you may think that I am looking for get rich quick, easy employment; would be nice if that were a realistic probability. But no, I am looking for legitimate employment. Currently I have 20-30 applications active with various companies but have yet to have a nibble. I am looking into any possible employment at this point while also trying to keep applications updated. I am also looking at trying a different strategy with the applications I have out.

I will admit at this point in time I'm not being picky as to employment; right now I need to have an income. I have been out of work 2 months and unable to get assistance (as of yet). What little money I do have left is running out fast. I'm not ruling out any chance of employment whether it be a fast food joint or an office gig.

It would be nice tho if I was able to find a job that I would want to keep long-term, and that could happen. Last thing I want to do is job hop. But....

I am hoping that by blogging about my endeavours it will help keep me on track and not let laziness set in. I am finding that job searching is a full-time job in and of itself. I do have more options I need to look into over the next few days, but not having internet access at my apartment is making it a slow process (soon to change I hope).

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