Monday, August 17, 2009

Scam? not sure

Received this e-mail (8/7/09), it was directed to my spam folder; it took me a few days to check them out.


Dear XXXX,
I represent recruiting company Drive Recruitment ( specialized in searching the candidates at the request of employers all over the world. I have found your resume on Career Builder.

There is a position available at the moment offered by European company. Please see below a short description of this position.

Assistant Director

I'm pleased to offer you a part time employment as a representative of European company, interested in expanding the business to the US market. The company will create the web site oriented to the US customers with high revenues guaranteed by the complex of high-performance promotional measures. In spite of the project's intricate, your duties will be quite easy to perform. No special education or experience are required from your side. Your personal manager will lead you step by step to the success by providing you with detailed and quite easy to understand instructions. This position has a very high potential in a personal income boost as a result of business growing all in all.

The minimum salary at this position is $30,000/year (5 from the project revenues). There are no fees to pay from your side.

As a part-time position it will take only 7-9 hours a week to perform the duties. The same time the company offers you a long term business relationship that is definitely very important in difficult times of financial crisis, because it means a guarantee of getting a stable income regardless of the situation on the labour-market.

To ask for detailed description including duties and responsibilities of the position just respond to this offer with the following subject:

"Interested in getting the position of Assistant Director."

or in case you don't like this offer for any reason, please let me know and I'll try to find something else for you.

Best regards, Anna Mairs
Gjorwellsgatan 28, 112 60 Stockholm, Sweden


I am at a loss as to what to think. I did go to their website, did a Google search looking for anything negative, and a BBB query; nothing negative came up. (Keep in mind I only do quick searches, nothing too involved. Usually if it's a scam, or the company is legal trouble, the red flags show immediately.) Most of the search results showed it is a recruiting company working primarily in Europe and Australia. That's really the only flag--why would a Sweden based company be looking at US based resumes? Also the "no experience" claim and the compensation offered is not realistic.

The company may be legitimate, but the offer seems to lean toward being a scam.

Received another e-mail from AIL, this one from James Bailey. The tone is a bit different, as is the content. I find it a bit funny, any one that reads my resume should notice that I have no sales experience.

Hello, my name is James Bailey, and I am the State General Agent for American Income in the greater Kansas City area. We are looking for top-notch individuals to help us facilitate the rapid expansion that our company is experiencing. We have opportunities for professionals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise to fulfill training, management, and outside sales positions.

American Income has been in business for over 50 years, and is nationally recognized as one of the significant providers of supplemental insurance benefits for members of Labor Unions, Credit Unions, and Associations throughout the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

For more information, please contact our Human Resources department at (816) 994-3686 to schedule an interview.


I am wondering how many of the e-mails I will receive.

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