Monday, August 17, 2009

The hunt goes on,,,

As some of you may have noticed, my posting of late has been dealing with my attempt to secure a job. I haven't had much to say concerning my debt reduction plan or living frugally. With no income, frugal living is a necessity. What little money I do have (savings and money earned through the paid to programs and surveys) is being used carefully. My household bills are minimal at the moment due to the generosity of friends; my only real expense is food. I will have to see what transpires this months as for utility costs, I expect they will increase based on the number of days I have been living in new apartment.

My debt reduction plans are on hold until I secure a job; it's impossible to pay down debt when one has no income. Once my employment situation improves I will re-visit my debts and begin making payments. In the mean time I will be taking a hard look at my method of payment, budgeting, and prioritizing my debts; I have some debts (ie. IRS) that I can no longer allow to hang around. I must decide how I want to re-pay my debts--pay a little each month to all debts or make one big payment to one debt till paid in full. I'm not sure how either method will affect my credit reports; it may be a moot point.

One task to do in the next few days, pull my Experian report from Quizzle. Need to see if new debt has been added since March. If my assumption is correct, and new debts have been added, I will start with the highest priority debts first and then work my way down to lowest priority debts.

My job search is still in progress; will have answers today concerning 2 possible positions. I am working on three cover letters and hope to have them sent out by 8/16/09. I do have a few applications to send out yet, but I'm waiting to hear the outcome of my calls before proceeding. There are still many more options to explore; compared to my situation in PA it's a good situation to be in. (Altho I would rather be working.)

Another task I need to complete soon, comparison shop for an eye exam and eyeglasses. I suspect that I will be using Zenni for my glasses, so that leaves the eye exam. Went to Wal*Mart and was shocked to find that it's $80 for an exam (without insurance). I do have a letter out to the local LIONS club but haven't heard from them yet.

I still have to finish my paper work for the hospital that treated my leg. Received nine stitches thanks to some idiot that threw a glass bottle out of their car window as I was walking by. The hospital assists self-pay customers in applying for public medical benefits. My one dilemma is some of my information needed is still in PA, it should be here in a few days. Thankfully my friend in PA has been willing to help with the cost associated with shipping my stuff; I'd be in deep doo if not for her assistance.

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