Thursday, August 20, 2009

My debts as of 8/20/09

Here are my debts as they stand today 8/20/09:

Zombie debts, not in any rush some are no longer listed on credit reports, others will be de-listed in next 8-10 months. I know it sounds horrible to say I don't but the damage control for these debts is minimal at best. They will be the last debt that I will pay off.

CCSP $245
FCS $2040.93 Citibank Mastercard
AFNI, Inc $188.60 Bell Atlantic
AFNI, Inc $507.28 Bell Atlantic
Arrow Financial Services $955.85 Premier Bankcard Inc
Midland Credit Management, Inc $844.89 Tribute Mastercard
Asset Recovery Associates $2213.72 Citibank Mastercard
Arrow Financial Services $1131.02 Premier Bankcard Inc
Barristers Collection Services, Inc $446.10 Strafford
American Agencies of California $3313.13 Windstream
Total of Zombie Debts: $9845.59

Old debts, not current but within the statutes of Pensylvannia. They are listed on credit report and will remain for at least 3-4 more years. I am hoping to be able to negotiate payment for removal. Not a major priority as damage has been done.

Credit Bureau of Erie, Inc $72.00 Dr. S
Med Shield Incorporated $56.81 CCM Hospital
Rickart Collection Systems, Inc $37.00 Chambersburg Imaging Associates
Security Credit Systems, Inc $123.57 Zito Media
Eagle Emergency Physicians $225.00
North Shore Agency, Inc $11.88 Prevention Magazine
Penn Credit Corporation $67.32 Literary Guild
Publisher Clearing House $29.45
Total Old Debts: $623.03

Current debt ARE A PRIORITY!! As far as I know they are not on my credit report except for my student loans. I would like to keep it that way.

Diversified Collection Sevices-Student Loans $65912.71
KRHC, Inc $30.22
Water Company $109.13
Borough $15.01
Mid-Cam $37.32
Dr H $30
CNB $329.72
2006 Taxes $29.70
2007 Taxes $29.70
2008 Taxes $29.70
2009 Taxes $29.70
Total Current Debt: $66582.91 With Student Loan
Total Current Debt: $670.20 Without Student Loan

2006IRS $219.36
2008IRS $293.15
Total Taxes: $512.51

Total All Debts: $77, 564.04
Total w/o student loans (including zombie debts): 11651.33
Total w/o student loans (w/o zombie debts): 1805.74

So now you see my mess!!

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