Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daily News

I was able to pull my Experian credit report today from Quizzle, a quick glance, did not look like any new debts were added. I do need to double check as I noticed after downloading to another file that there was a retrieval problem. I don't know if what was shown was accurate. Will be posting my debts in the next few days to show where I'm at; not a pretty sight!

Was able to send out the last of my "scheduled" resumes and cover letters. I do have 2 new resumes/cover letter to write, hoping to have it sent by 8/23/09. Could be another promising lead, only time will tell. I also have another application to fill out plus need to pick up a new Applebee's application to fill out. Was going to go wander the streets today but forget I had a fasting blood draw (can't eat for 12hrs prior to test) last thing I wanted to do is walk around hungry; they would find me passed out in the road.

So instead of wandering, spent some time trying to organize my job search/hunting information. I have been so focused on getting applications out, that I lost track of the "who, what, where, and when" of the whole process; 15 applications filed, 2 resumes/cover letters sent. I know I have more applications filed, just need to account for them.

Hmmmm!! I will make a spreadsheet (just popped into my head) that should help with the organization. Why I didn't think of it sooner,,,

I'm a bit concerned about my blood test (postponed till Monday). Not so much the test itself but the results I may get. The liver assay and thyroid test don't concern me too much but the fasting blood sugar does; I was diagnosed 5 years ago with diabetes. It was disconcerting to find out that news but I never really agreed with the determination. In the same time frame of that test I was also undergoing treatment for back problems--3 herniated discs, arthritis, and a lower spinal stenosis--my pain level was exceedingly high which can affect blood sugar readings. That fact was not taken into account in regards to my diabetes diagnosis. Also the psychotropic meds I was on in the past has/had also been a factor.

To make a long story short I stopped my medication (it was black boxed) but did continue watching what I ate and started exercising more. I don't know if that has done any good as I have been unable to afford the testing supplies since original diagnosis. So the results of today's test scare me; don't know what to expect.

Finished a post concerning multi-level-marketing (MLM), it seem apropos considering my recent job searching. Also, was able to schedule a time to meet with the local LIONS club representative concerning getting an exam and glasses. Hopefully they will be able to assist. Now I need to see if I can find low-cost dental care.

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