Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gettin' my Stuff

Slow but sure I am receiving my belongins from PA. I now have all my financials on hand and I have been able to organize my debts, yet again,,,LOL! Since I am no longer in PA, any bills left I am now concidering debt; tomorrow I will pull my experian report and see if any of these have been added to my report. It is my hope that nothing new has been added, I would prefer to be able pick-up where I left off; if not will deal with it as best as posible.

I have two good leads for part-time positions; resume and cover letter are ready to go for one, not necessary for the other. The pay isn't that great, but will take what I can get at this point; never know what can come from any position. I did e-mail another letter early Sunday morning, still waiting on a response. Need to contact some of the places I have applications at, remind the management that I am still interested. Two places, I may send a copy of my resume and a letter of interest, both applications were filled at the kiosks and I have not received any interview requests. I dislike the idea of no face-to-face when turning in a application; I can't get a feel for person I may be talking to at a later time. (I also can't stand the online applications, some of them are extremely long. Last thing I want to do is spend an hour filling out an application).

I am still debating whether to join and/or; I currently am using CareerBuilders (have been a member for 2-3 years) and (just joined this past week). My thinking is the more exposure, the better.

I have heard back the local LIONS club and working to set up an appointment to meet. If I'm accepted they will pay for an eye exam and $50 towards glasses at Lenscrafter. Depending on the frame choices and whether they can do my Rx for that price, I may use Zenni instead. I definitely will for a second pair as they have a frame style I like for under $30. Wal*Mart is definitely out $80 for eye exam, frames would be about $175 if not more.

Hospital paperwork is done!! With the arrival of my package from PA I have access to my tax information, which is what I was waiting for. (I also need to send similar information to the mental health facility I am using for my care of my Bipolar.) Hopefully with the hospital help I will be able to get some assistance until I am able to secure a job.

Have been able to take some time to send some personal letters out also. It's a bit strange sending "snail-mail" letters but it's been a fun. Until I have access to the internet at my living space, it will have to do.

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