Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Confused or May be Just Baffled

I have been reading a few blogs that deal with stockpiling; I'm not quite sure what to think. My confusion may be due to not understanding the concept behind it. From the few blogs that I read, all I can see is the fanatical use of coupons to over(?) purchase numerous products. Now I am assuming that these products are ones that a family/individual uses on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, so my question is: why purchase so much? Do you continuously purchase like this all year round? When is enough enough?

Am I missing something? I can see 2-3 months worth of product, but to my untrained brain it appears that purchases are made, in some cases, almost daily?

Even tho I'm a bit baffled by the concept of stockpiling I found Lisa B's blog Living Easy quite interesting.

Points to ponder:
I will admit I do not use coupons much. Al tho I am trying to learn how to change this. In the past I have never been successful at matching print coupons to product I use. Using coupons printed from the internet wasn't/isn't an option as the stores in my area did/do not accept them. (This may be changing, according to a local message board our "local" Walmart allegedly now takes some coupons.)*

Storage is also a major problem in my house. To be honest, I have no storage what so ever. In fact I only have two cupboards. The only closet is in our bedroom and we have no shelving. Currently we are using two "pantry" shelving units to store our food items. It hard to stock up on anything when you have no place or space to store them.**


*Note to self: Check Walmart's company policy concerning use of internet printed coupons!!

**Our house is approximately 120 years old. It is actually a converted chicken coop. Poorly insulated, low ceilings, 4 rooms + a bath. About 900 sq ft of nothing. But is is our home for now.

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