Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got Me to Thinking

Over the past few days I spent some time reading DebtFree4ever.net. Overall it is a good blog but in some ways it is a great blog. As odd as this may sound I found DF4E blog to be inspirational. As I sit and ponder my "future" I found the tenacity that DF4E has shown in eliminating his debt to be remarkable. Here is a guy who earns less than I but yet has succeeded in nearly eliminating his debt. Taken directly from his blog DF4E has paid off 68% of his debts. If DF4E can do it, maybe I can too!!

On another note: I'm attempting to figure out how to post my budget without having to make a table. As soon as I do I will post a 1-3 month example of my new budget.

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