Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Articles Of Interest--3

Haven't had much time to self lately. Between running back home to visit folks while mom is in hospital (hope she be home in a week or two); trying to catch up on my reading; and attempting to not spend money stupidly, I've seem to run out of hours in a day.

Only good thing is--I'm laid of from my primary job till the end of the year except for 2 weeks. I make more money being laid off than working so I'd be stupid not to take lay-off. I'm hoping to use the time off to write some posts, update my budget, etc.. So far I'm not being successful, altho I have been working more hours at my second job so that is cutting into my play time.

Below are some articles I found of interest from various blogs. I haven't thoroughly read all of them so I'm using this post as a storage bin of sorts :)) Enjoy!!

  • Tightwad Tuesday: Homemade Cleaning Products--this article originally mentioned 8/14/08 in my post "Frugal Cleaning Challenge"
  • Frugal Laundry / Clothing Care--see this blog post for more.
  • When Frugality Isn’t Enough--This article really hit home. My situation isn't quite as dire or frustrating but I can relate to the feeling of "...sometimes, it just isn’t enough..." Highly recommend y'all read this.
  • Half of Us Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck--Points to ponder from this article...Start Saving, Something...Even $20 a month adds up over time...You don’t have to be saving half of your income for your savings plan to be worthwhile...
  • Play Hardball with Debt Collector: Sometimes, you have to get tough with a harassing collector--Dear Debt Adviser, I have a credit card company wanting to take me to court for a debt that is not mine. I have disputed these charges for almost two years now...It sounds as though these guys are just ignoring your requests and merrily doing what they want. Well, it's time to end the merriment. Here are four metaphorical 2-by-4s for you to swing...This article geared toward those dealing with fraudulent accounts/identity theft.
  • Rice Tales--Sounds yummy, going to try this recipe soon
  • 5 Frugal Foodie Tips--... I’ve finally learned how to cook quickly and simply from day to day. To do so, I have five shortcuts that might make a true foodie cringe--Minced Garlic/Bottled Lemon and Lime Juice/Chicken Bouillon Cubes/Canned Beans/Fresh Herbs...My personal five--Dehydrated Onions/Apple Cider Vinegar/Canned Tomatoes and Tomato Paste/Adobo Seasoning/Worcestershire Sauce
  • Rite Aid FAQ--I found this info whilst surfing. We have a RA in our town but I do not shop there very much. I am still determining whether the SCR program would be worthwhile for us, as I am attempting to figure out how it works. Thought I'd pass this link along to others that may find it helpful
  • Three Easy Steps to Frugal Home Canning--a good beginning reference to keep on hand for those thinking learning how to can
  • Eating Greens to Save Greens by Steven Burns--But I don't have a green thumb!! The past two years have been attempting to grow some produce without much luck. I did manage to grow some weeds this year (see article link below--lol). Anywhoooo, I do have good luck with herbs, so will continue with them; lettuce seems to grow well also. Am thinking maybe try and grow these indoors. What I wish for is tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, I have no luck with these and I don't think they can be grow indoors during the winter. Will have to try again next planting season.
  • Hate Weeds? Don't Kill Them, Eat Them!--see this blog post
  • The Fools Help Me Get Out of Debt--a review of sorts regarding Motley Fool’s Get Out of Debt seminar
  • Suze Orman's 12 Steps From Debt--You must face the enemy: Tell others about your debt--If you're in "over your head" with credit-card debt, cut up your cards now--Call your one remaining credit card company and ask them to lower your limit to a level that's adequate for emergencies--Pay as much as you can each month and always pay more than the minimum--Pay off the card with the highest interest rate first, and the rest in descending order--Always manage your cards to provide the lowest interest rates, switching cards every six months if necessary--Make a point to understand all the inner workings of your card(s)--Honor all debts equally whether you owe the money to Mastercard or a family member--Once you pay off one card, you must apply that card's payment toward your next highest-rate card--If you really cannot accomplish this yourself, enlist the aid of outside agencies--Make sure to never let this happen again--Once all debts are paid off, apply the payment money toward your future
  • The New Age of Frugality--"Americans' charge-it culture is getting an overdue reality check. But will the new discipline stick?"
  • Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps: Make minimum payments on all your bills. Squeeze your budget until you've accumulated $1,000 cash--Pay off your debts in order of smallest balance to largest--Create a full-fledged Emergency Fund containing 3 to 6 months' worth of expenses--Direct 15% of your annual pre-tax income into your retirement plans--Take care of college funding. Fully fund Educational Savings Accounts and/or utilize 529 plans--Become financially "ultrafit" and 100% debt-free: Pay off your home early--Get to the point where your money works harder than you do
  • 3 Easy Steps Financial Plan in Excel--a nice, simple starting point
  • Can You Get Rich With These 7 Stock Market Oddball Indicators?--This article is a bit on the quirky side but a good read. I do plan on exploring it further with a future post as I do invest on a small scale. As an amateur with what I consider unusual methods for choosing my stock this article fits me well
  • Money-making idea: Journaling while you’re learning a new skill--I really like this idea. Something to consider especially with the current economic situation
Hopefully I haven't repeated any articles, if I have I apologize!!


The Digerati Life said...

Thanks for the link! Best wishes to your mom, hope she gets well soon. And good luck with your employment plans as well. I appreciate having my post included in your list of reads.

Beth aka "Peete" said...

You are very welcome. Reading blogs of others has been enjoyable learning experience.

Thank you also concerning my mom she is improving and hopefully will be home soon. I am so thankful that my parents were financially prepared for a crisis of this magnitude I believe there is something to be learned from their experience.

As for my employment situation, I guess I am one of the lucky few. Altho I do not make much money having 2 jobs has provided a simple safety net. My 72 hour work weeks have paid off in a way allowing me to take a "vacation" per se