Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doing the Wash

Frugal Laundry / Clothing Care. Previously mentioned in "Articles of Interest--3"
  • ...washing things to frequently--In my opinion yes. My dilemma, my partner is neurotic (a legitimate OCD issue) about cleanliness, personal and clothing. Altho I will admit she has adjusted where her jeans and sweatshirts are concerned. It's a small "victory" but one I will gladly take. She really is trying and has accepted some of the frugal ideas I have been trying, and I love her for that .
  • ...keep hangers on the knobs of our high dresser and anything that is going to be used again for another day I hang up overnight to 'air out'--this is something to adopt, our clothes usually end up in a heap as kitty beds; really furry kitty beds!!
  • ...taking prompt care of the clothes that you have--I'm a bit wishy-washy on this point. I would say that 50% of the time I am good about treating stains; I'm not always aware of the need to pre-treat.
  • ...keeping a small sewing kit on top of my fridge. It is a kids zippered pencil case I picked up for pennies at the thrift store. Inside are 3 spools of thread (white, black and white button thread) a seam ripper, a small pair of scissors, a few safety pins, a thimble and a piece of cardboard with three threaded needles pushed through it--Interesting idea one I might add to my repertoire.
  • ...Do you use a clothes line?--Uhm nope!! May be a lame excuse but I don't have time. I also do laundry at 100 AM, a bit difficult to hang clothes at that hour. I don't foresee any changes in this area unless I utilize an indoor line system.
  • don't have to buy dryer sheets. I bought a huge bottle of the cheapest fabric softener I could find about 2 years ago (less than $2 for the bottle) I bought some sponges from the dollar store (4 per pkg) and cut two of them up into 8 pieces each. I soak the pieces of sponge in a mixture of about 1 part softener to 8 parts water--Think I may try this one as I do use dryer sheets. Money wise tho I do not find dyer sheets to be expensive so I'm not sure if the savings would be worth it. Anyone know the price breakdown of this method compared to dyer sheets? Might be something to research!!

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