Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Interesting Article, Got Me Thinking

Found this whilst looking for info in general,,, http://cheapskatemomma.blogspot.com/2006/11/saving-on-water.html#links and it got me to thinking about saving on water somehow. Something I really do need to do considering out water rates are soon to rise.

Currently I have tried to cut our usage and we have had some success 10,000 gallons down to 8,000 but will have to see if that was fluke. New bill should be here soon.

Update 3/10/07--Ack!! New bill came--last quarter's bill musta been a fluke. Where at 10,547 gallons again.

So what can I do and what if anything haven't I done yet??

Step 1--Accomplished there doesn't appear to be any leaks. Water meter was not moving--YEA!!

Step 2--Will have to check with the landlord on this one. Most likely he'll allow us to do this since we only have 2 faucets. TO DO #1!!

Purchasing a low-flow toilet is out of the question. Anyway I like the frugal method better, definitely cheaper. Could save at least 13, 000 gallons/yr. Based on current usage thats 1 month free. TO DO #2!!

Update 3/10/07--Just finished !! I used a brick instead. I'm curious to see what if anything this will do.

Step 3--Hmm!! Have never really timed our showers. Mine are fairly short as I hate getting wet (don't ask,,one of my quirks I guess). Out of curiousity I will have to see how long my partner and I spend. TO DO #3

Step 4--We rent so watering lawn is not an issue. No water wasted there!!

Step 5--Hmm!! Think both myself and my partner are about 50/50 on this one. Figure if we both can do this 100% of the time would save 728 gallons/yr. TO DO #4

Step 6--Again this is a 50/50 issue. I use an electric shaver, partner doesn't. She does this in the shower sometimes and sometimes with a basin. I'm going to say this is a non-issue for us.

Step 7--This is never an issue in our house (accept for the past months since partners jeans are on back order) I try to minimize how much laundry I do. I don't think there's much room for improvement in this area.

Step 8--Not an issue we have no place to wash a truck at our residence.

Step 9--No driveway, no issue.

Step 10--No garbage disposal.

So there are four things on my TO DO list. I will update this as I implement the list.

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