Sunday, March 04, 2007

Part II: No OT What to do!!

Well that was fun,,,NOT!! Spent 3 hours working on this post, then poof my computer locked up before I saved any of my work. So it's back to the drawing board.

The other day I talked about paid to read programs (PTR). Today it will be PAID TO CLICK PROGRAMS. As with the PTR programs I joined a bunch of programs in the beginning, about 20-30; currently I am down to nine. PTC programs are similar to PTR in that you need to click on links BUT you do that by visiting their website rather than receiving emails.

One thing that I have learned during the 3+ years of doing paid-to programs is the instability within the "industry". In my opinion the PTC aspect has been the most unstable as far as program ownership, link value and time it takes to reach payout. For this reason I am only going to list one program.


This site has been open for over three years and all Payments are made within 7 days of your request. The ownership of this program is very stable and is one of the best.

  • No Search or PTP ads
  • Weekly Contests--Random Clicking Bonuses
  • Hourly Backups of Database
  • $2 Payout via PayPal (or E-gold)
  • All links 1/4 - 3/4 cent each
  • Advertising starts at $0.75--No banners needed for advertising
TOTAL EARNINGS=$12.72 ($76.95) that's one electric bill and one phone bill.

UPDATE 3/25/07: Well another paid-to program bites the dust. Regretfully this was one of the best programs too, but at least the program owner is being responsible.

PAID TO SURF PROGRAMS are basically the same concept as the PTR programs. The big difference is the advertising that you are exposed to. Not only can you earn cash or points (that can be converted to cash/gift cards) but you will receive offers from everyday retailers that you see in print, on TV, or driving down the main drag. One thing that I am surprised about is that there are so few of these type of programs.

The following three programs do not provide referal links per se so if they are of interest to you please contact me and I will then send you an invitational e-mail so you may join.

    • Complete your profile--You'll earn 60 Points for telling us more about yourself, what you like and how we can best serve your needs.
    • Read email--MyPoints respects your inbox and rewards you for reading emails from our partners.
    • Shop Online--Shop through email offers or visit our website. Virtually everything you need you can find on MyPoints. The more you shop, the more Points you'll earn.
    • Take Surveys--The world's top companies want to know what you think about their products. MyPoints members earn Points for completing online surveys.
    • Be Rewarded--Before you know it, you'll have enough Points to redeem for gift cards at nearly 100 different stores, restaurants and travel destinations! Cards are delivered free and fast.
    • Same concept as MyPoints with points being converted to a cash equivalent.
    • Imagine being able to call anyone, anytime for free-just for the fun of it. Your friends, your family, anyone! And never pay a long distance bill again. Free Long Distance! How cool is that?
    • This is not Internet calling. Make your free long distance calls from any phone, anytime, anywhere.
    • Receive e-mail with links to excellent offers and discounts that are geared just for you. From the best online companies -- deals on music, books, clothing, travel, and more.
    • If you enjoy shopping, you'll love the PhoneHog Mall. Here you'll earn up to 4 PhoneHog minutes for every $1 you spend at your favorite online stores.
TOTAL EARNINGS=$80.00 ($156.95) with 300+ minutes in free long-distance. The gift cards have come in handy for various household items and clothing.


  • Using CreationsRewards is simple. Join; Earn--Begin earning points for your online activities. You can earn points for visiting websites, shopping online, completing offers, reading your E-Mail, and much more; Redeem--Now that you've accumulated all those points, spend them on a reward for yourself, or for someone you know!
TOTAL EARNINGS=$5.00 ($161.95) grand total is slowly creeping up--two electric bills and 2 phone bills.


  • QuickRewards Network rewards you for things you already do online. Get paid to: visit sites, read emails, shop online in over 850+ online stores, answer trivia questions, signup for offers and much more. You already do most of this anyways, so why not get paid for doing it?
  • You may redeem your earnings for: various gift certificates, online cash payments paid within 24 hours of request with NO MINIMUM balance required to cashout.
TOTAL EARNINGS=$3.14 ($165.09) a little more to add to the pot.

Overall I can't complain and "extra" $60 a year doesn't hurt (actually I have earned more but I have only included programs I am still active in. You could probably add another $20-$30 to that total.)

I hope this shows how a little "free" time can add up. I figure if I'm going to be on the computer I might as well be making something. Later I will attempt to introduce online paid surveys-wish me luck because I'm still confused as to which ones I actually belong to.

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