Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Have Always Wonder if This Was Possible

Was surfing the net checking out some sites I found and came accross this tip: Uses for Little Pieces of Soap. Even though my partner and I do not use a lot of bar soap, we do have left-over and I always hated throwing it out. I was never sure how not to waste it. Here are some suggestions that sound easy enough to try--

An inventive way would be to melt all the little pieces of left over soap with about 3 table spoons of distilled water, add any desired food coloring if desired or even any oil essence such as rose or jasmin for example. Then pour the now liquid soap into containers with some sort of decorative shape that has been oiled a little.

Another is to let the soap cool a little and make balls the size of golf balls around some sting and you've made soap on the string. There is so much you can make with different colored soap and use it to make decorative soaps for your bathroom or even to smell up closets. Another option is to use brown grainy sugar in your soap too to use as an exfoliator later on. By Crpdiem

I take all my small pieces of soap and put them in a microwavable safe container and melt them in the microwave. Remove Then pour them in a container. They will harden as they cool. Remove them from the container and you have a whole bar of soap. You want to use a small container, so the soap will be easy to hold in one hand when you bathe. If it is difficult to remove the soap, put the bowl in hot water for a couple of minutes. By sissa12
Liquid SoapDon't throw away bar soap that dissolves into those little irritating pieces. Save them and add water, then slowly melt them down on the stove and use as liquid soap. Or melt them down without water and pour into greased jar lids or anything you want to use for the a mold and you have new bars of soap! By Tracey from Thomasville, GA
What I do is take one of those pump bottles that liquid soap originally came in and break the pieces of soap up even more so they will fit inside the bottle. Add some water and shake well. You shouldn't have to get any more liquid soap for a while! By Tracy in Watauga, TX

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