Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tips for writing a cover letter

Some good points to keep in mind for writing a cover letter. Not in any particular order as I noted them as I read numerous articles:
  • If cover letter is e-mailed keep it 2-3 paragraphs in length
  • If written 3-5 paragraphs
  • Start strong--briefly describe how you heard about the position and why you're interested in it; purpose
  • If someone mentioned the job opening to you, be sure to use his or her name in the introduction
  • Don't seem desperate--hire me or else,,,
  • Connect dots between resume to cover letter--The body of the letter should expand the key points in your resume
  • Highlight skills and experiences relevant to the job opening, provide examples of how you can benefit the company
  • Don't focus on what you want, focus on what value you can bring to the employer--what does hiring company want, what are the benefits of hiring you
  • Find out the name of the person who will be reviewing your resume by contacting the company's human resources department
  • What position you are applying for--many companies advertise more than one position at a time
  • Learn as much as you can about the potential employer,,,
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the company,,,
  • Tailor each cover letter to each specific job/company
  • Be proactive--state when you will contact hiring manager to follow up; reinforces your interest for the job
  • Don't forget to include a phone number or e-mail address where you can be reached
  • thank the hiring manager for time and interest
  • Thoroughly proofread!
  • Thoroughly proofread!!
  • Thoroughly proofread!!!

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