Sunday, August 30, 2009

This n That

A frustrating weekend to say the least; I did not get much accomplished. Job hunting is getting a bit depressing as I have 30 applications and have yet to hear anything; beginning to wonder why. I really thought that I would have a job by now. It's time to play the hire me game; time to make a nuisance of myself and start making multiple calls to the management. Must now decide what companies to call and whether to continue calling if I were to get and interview.

Update: I got my first interview today at 200PM with one of the companies I was hoping for. I had a phone interview yesterday afternoon and they ask me to come in for as job interview. It's in the market research department doing phone surveys. The hours I would be working will be (if hired) 5-11PM M-F, 9AM-5PM S or 1-9PM S for $8/hr. At that pay rate I would definitely clear enough for my monthly expenses and be able to re-start my debt repayment. The only problem is the location, they have moved and have yet to update their information. I would have no trouble getting there by bus but I have no way of getting home.

I'm fairly confident that once I was hired that I would be able to find a ride with a co-worker BUT is it something I want to chance. So my friend and I will have to spend some time discussing options. I really hate the thought of having to rely on my friend to pick me up every night but I may have no choice, at least to begin with. Will have to see.

Have decided to decline the interview as transportation is going to be a problem at this point in time. I'm not happy about it, but I couldn't in good conscience tell them I had reliable transportation when I don't.

The frustrating part about the job hunting situations is that I out of money until my 401k distribution gets here. It should have been here by now but for some reason corporate is dragging their feet. I am thankful for my friends, as they have helpful concerning money issues, but I feel like a major mooch and it's beginning to irk me. I can only live so long off of my friends generosity before they get sick of it. So hopefully soon I will a job and I will be able to repay my friends for all their help.

Update: Received a call Tuesday morning from old job concerning the situation with my 401k. Found that I am the first person with a 401k to leave the company since new policy(s) has/have gone into effect. It turns out that HR, both plant and corporate, weren't sure how to handle a final distribution. It is my hope that by the middle of next week I will have my money. Also found out that the plant I worked at is not going to contest my unemployment appeal. The paperwork did not for the plant from PAUEC did not allow for an end date AND termination date; they just wanted to know when last day of work was and went by that. So maybe now I won't owe PAUEC $262.

I did get my resume and a cover letter out to one company. I am hoping good things may come of it; it's a part time gig during the evening and days on the weekend. With those hours I would still be able to find another PT gig during the days if needed. So I will be crossing my fingers. At $8/hr my monthly take home would be $800+ per month which would cover my planned expenses.

Since I did have to decline the above interview for this company, it has left me back at square one. I did find an interesting option, a "temp" agency that specializes in finding day labor - work today, paid today. I went to their office on Thursday (27th) and registered; have to report this morning at 5:30AM for possible job placement. So with some luck I will have some cash to get groceries and get some consistent placements until something opens elsewhere. If this works out well I could also receive an offer from a company that I am placed with. My friends suggestion may work out to my advantage.

I'm addicted to Facebook, more like 101 Eggs and Farmtown,,,lol! It's nice to have something fun to distract from the above. I haven't decided yet whether to attach my blog to my Facebook page or not, as of now I haven't. I do have some of my favorite frugal sites updated thro Facebook, which is nice. (No I don't do twitter,,,yet!)

Had my first T appointment today (8/25/09). Went OK, but a bit uncomfortable. Am still waiting on results of my paperwork concerning assistance. One thing I need to do is learn more about the system here in KS. From what little I know it is very different from PA.

Am considering returning to school to finish my degree. The school I wanted to use to pursue my degree tho appears to be in some kind of overhaul of their programs. So I must now look for another online alternative. I could utilize the colleges here in Wichita, and it is something I am exploring, but i need a lot of flexibility. There is one program I am exploring for pharmacy technician but I am having difficulty securing simple information without having to make a major committment to speak with someone at the school. All I want is the cost of the program so I can decide whether returning will be at all feasible now, or if its something I will have to save for or utilize a payment plan. Also need to make sure that I am making a good decision to pursue a different career choice and not rash decision made in a manic swing.

Should have an answer on Tuesday concerning my eye exam and glasses. Have my meeting with the local LIONs Club representative in the afternoon. I am confident they will be able to help. Next step is medical and dental issues; I do have two leads concerning both issues and will need to take the time to look into both. Update: Met with the representatives from the LIONS and filled out their required form. They meet on the 31st so won't have a definitive answer till sometime next week. Nothing said led me to believe that they wouldn't be able to help. It would be nice to have new glasses for new job if I get it.

What you may see on my blog over the course of the next few weeks: addition of a donation button, more articles--landlord/tenant issues; debt collection/debts in collection; purchasing a used car; mlm and pryamid schemes; power of attorney/living wills; and my search for my biological mom (for medical reasons only).

I am still receiving spam emails from companies mentioned in prior post. They must be as desperate as I am!!

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