Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scams & Spam 2

Received this the other day, it was filtered to my spam folder so I didn't take it too seriously. Let's see if you can determine the one glaring omission from this letter.

from Rebecca Wilson BG
reply-to Rebecca Wilson BG
to (my e-mail)
date Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 7:43 AM
subject Hello xxxx xxxxxxxxx (my name)


Right now we are employing new personnel to fill the position of online finance manager. We have examined your resume from job base careerbuilder and we think that you would suit this position well and work with us successfully. If you are still seeking for good wages and need a decent job, please contact us as soon as you could. As you may see this job is really perspective one and vacancies are limited. You can receive training during work. No need to invest any money, except for a set of the best human qualities and time. This job does not require you to leave your main occupation. Experience of work with customers is welcomed. Work of online manager consists of the following: you need to conclude the deals with the company customers offering financial services, work as personal advisors. We also need employees to work at the call service of clients' support and clients' support online. We need responsible and energetic people to fill this position.

- citizenship of USA or United Kingdom
- Age at least 21;
- Computer skills at MS Office, E-mail, Internet;
- Good communication skills;
- Attention to details;
- Opportunity to check your e-mail several times a day;

The schedule of work includes 3-4 hours per day, except Sunday (part-time position). Payment makes up 31,000 $ per year. (500 $ per week) + social insurance and bonuses for good job. We also provide three weeks of paid vacations. This job is a good opportunity and if you miss a chance there can be no another one as the position we offer is a good way to build a successful career in our company. I will send you the detailed information with the description and specificity of work.

You are welcome!

Best Regards,
Senior Manager Rebecca Wilson


So what's not mentioned? The company name. The only way of contacting Rebecca Wilson is by replying to the e-mail received. I am so tempted to reply just to see what company this is but I prefer not to open the flood gates of spam.

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