Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Trying to get back to Normal

Never try to fix a computer problem when your emotionally distressed and bored to boot. What a mess I made of my "bookkeeping". Have spent the past 2 days trying to re-create my files, regretfully I think I made big boo-boo.


I think I have re-built my debt reduction information. It's a bit leaner as I have removed some TBD that are over 10 yrs old. I also changed some categories a bit as my priorities have changed dramatically, I am planning a move so I need to sock away at least $3000 min which includes the purchase of a vehicle. The sooner the better!!

Here is a breakdwon of what I owe:

  • ZOMBIE DEBTS (TBD)=$9845.59--lowest of priority to be paid off, but will be working to have them removed from credit reports if applicable.
  • OLD DEBTS=$623.03--mid priority, as some are on credit reports some aren't, most are medical related, and some are as Dave Ramsey puts it "stupid tax".
  • CURRENT DEBTS=$1009.86--incudles debt incured due to breakup. These are bills I have been making an attempt to pay during the last 12 months. They are "close" to current, but at least not with a collection agency.
  • STUDENT LOAN=$65912.71--hope no one fainted (dont ever fall into the deferrment trap, better yet avoid student loans all together.) On a good note with my SL,,,,should be out of default in a few months.
It's a start at re-building on my own.


Darlene Siddons said...

i always love it when people say they want to be normal....normal is a setting on the washing machine.... :)


Beth aka "Peete" said...

Greetings Darlene,,,

lol,,,you kno the funny thing is that's usually is my line,,,I dont think I'd know "normal" if it hit me in the face anyways,,bipolar has a tendency to do that,,,how about "Trying to Get Back to My Happy Place" instead,,,