Saturday, April 25, 2009

I still exist

Greeting from the depths of never-neverland!! I am slowly "recovering" form my heartache of the past 2 months. What was to be a mini-break whilst settling into my new apartment has turned into a much longer hiatus than expected. Regretfully my mental health issues have wreaked havoc on my life much more than I anticipated and I have been attempting to reclaim my life. With the help of some truly marvelous friends (both online and off) I am slowly getting back to my old self, tho there will be many more changes to come. One of which is another move, tho this one will be half way cross country if all goes as planned.

As for my debt reduction and bid for personal frugality--very slow going. I have been trying to be extremely careful with my spending and I believe I have done well in that regard. My current necessities are paid in full and on time. My debt reduction, on the other hand, has suffered greatly. With the income reduction due to leaving my PT job, and some added medical expenses, I haven't had much to throw at my debts. Add to that the disconnect/reconnect/transfer of service fees, address change et al,,,well think y'all see where Im going--MOVING SUCKS!! Especially an unplanned move.

Overall tho I cant complain. At least I haven't "added" to my debt load, which is a good thing. I have much to think about in the coming months both personally and career wise. So for a bit longer my blogging will be sporadic at best. This weekend I am spending some time trying to catch up on some reading of other blogs and it may spark some ideas.

My one disappointment tho, has been in regards to some things I really wanted to try this spring and summer,,,foraging for edible plants, trying to garden, etc.. But there is always next year. That is why I am so glad that I have these ideas written in my blog, I have something to look back at and remind me.

I hope life is treating y'all with kindess!!

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