Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not in a Good Place Right Now

My partner of 10 1/2 years ended our relationship last week. So I had to pack my stuff and move. Financially Im pretty much ruined, will take months to recover and get back on track. Emotionally ,,,well we wont go there,,,I am having hard time keeping my interest in anything at this moment. My bipolar disorder is wreaking havoc creating a tailspin that I am having trouble control. I may not post for a while but I am planning on being back.

Currently my main focus is getting over the finances of moving. Since all the bills for the house were in my name I not only got the final bills but also reconnect fees etc etc. Had to come up with rent and security. I will say I have been putting to use what I have learned over the past year.

Once I have a new budget (which will be much leaner) I will post an update. I do kno that I am currently $30 short for bills next week BUT my one employer, that I terminated my position with, still owes me my last paycheck. And he wonders why I left (altho I may go back 2 days a week). I do have another option but I am trying to avoid not paying bills in full.

Anywhoo!! thats were I be.

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