Wednesday, January 28, 2009

About Me--Part I

Well after a good year of blogging I figured it may be time to tell a bit about me and how I got to where I am today. So here goes nothing.

The Basics:
I'm in my mid-forties. I am a lesbian. My partner and I have been together 10 1/2 after meeting in an on-line chat-room. I am a non-believer, alt ho not an atheist I am what I call an atheistic agnostic. I do believe in a "higher power" for lack of a better word, but I believe that it comes from within. Our choices determine our complete path in life.

I never graduated from college but consider myself intelligent and well read. (I do have a goal of attaining a college degree, just not sure how as of yet!). I am employed full-time, with benefits, as a quality control technician at a powdered metal factory; and I also hold a part-time job in food-service.

My current pre-tax income is $20,290 + 5850 = $26140/yr, post tax its approximately $20,912. I do have a 401k BUT it is currently on hold. (I stopped investing when my holdings started to show signs of tanking prior to the govt "official" acknowledgment of a recession.) I also have a small portfolio (about $200) through Sharebuilders/ING.

My partner and I rent a home. We would like to buy but it would have to be based on her income/credit rating; she is A+ as far as financials. All our finances are SEPARATE. Anything dealing with the house is in my name and my responsibility; the truck and financials involved with vehicle ownership belong to my partner.

Some may look at this and wonder--shouldn't you both be sharing household bills? There is no easy way to explain our past/current situation(s) but health and unemployment issues for both of us have made this decision for us. Suffice to say my income, tho reduced at some points, during our times of crisis has been steady whereas my partner's has not. Her credit being what it was/is was important to maintain where mine was long past the point of destruction (in other words it the only direction mine could co was/is up.) We are working on changing this "perceived" inequity, tho it is not a mega priority. I will admit it would be helpful for me, I would be able to downgrade my debt faster. And yes it does frustrate me at times, especially since my partner now makes more than I do!! :))

As for savings, currently none. I will be re-evaluating my contribution(s) to my 401k in the coming days; I will also be looking at my portfolio. Right now my focus is on keeping daily necessities current, reducing my student loan debt (ie. getting out of default, AGAIN!!), and reducing one other non-negotiable debt. My other debts do not have any legal ramifications that could effect me beyond annoyance of constant phone ringing; they are "zombie debts", the SOL has past for court relief. I realize that I am still responsible for them, and in time I hope to be to fulfill that obligation.

Yes I do have a budget. I am learning/re-learning how to use it. I believe that this budget is the most comprehensive to date. So far for this year I have done so-so with maintaining my expenditures. As of today (1/29/09) all my monthly obligations have been paid, a bit late, but paid. THAT is a huge improvement!! I still have a few bills due on the 30th, will be updating my progress at that time.

Part II--Employment History

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