Sunday, November 09, 2008

Update--Doing the Wash

I'm going to using one of the tips mention in this article--Frugal Laundry / Clothing Care
" don't have to buy dryer sheets. I bought a huge bottle of the cheapest fabric softener I could find about 2 years ago (less than $2 for the bottle) I bought some sponges from the dollar store (4 per pkg) and cut two of them up into 8 pieces each. I soak the pieces of sponge in a mixture of about 1 part softener to 8 parts water...
Today I purchased a 30 fl oz Ultra Downy @ $4.50 it is said to do 35 loads. I also purchased a 4-pk of O-celo sponges @ $2 which I cut into 16 pieces; total cost $6.50. I then measured out a single load amount of approximately 1/4 cup of fabric softener and added 1 c. of water and added the sponge pieces. They are now soaking and awaiting the dyer.

Al tho the original article used an 8:1 ratio I am starting with a 4:1 and will see how that works. I will then try a 6:1 ratio and then 8:1. So for less than 2 pennies/load I'm am figuring a 7 cent savings (35 loads/bottle x 16 sponge pieces = 560 loads--$6.50 cost/560 = .012 cents). The only variables in my equation would be the final ratio I use and how many loads I get out of each batch.

I will be keeping track of both variables to see what the actual cost may be al tho the final cost will be well below a penny in my estimation.

**Ultra Downy may be a bit pricey but it's the only fabric softener my partner and I both really like. Personally I don't mind the generic/store brands but my partner doesn't like them . With this new approach it should alleviate that difference of opinion.

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