Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just Finished Reading--Two Incomes and Still Broke


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Child Care
  • Chapter 2: Personal Upkeep
  • Chapter 3: Transportation, Lunches, and Coffee Breaks
  • Chapter 4: Timesavers
  • Chapter 5: Rushed Shopping
  • Chapter 6: Rewards
  • Chapter 7: Federal Income Tax
  • Chapter 8: State Income Tax
  • Chapter 9: Social Security
  • Chapter 10 Deductible Job Expenses
  • Chapter 11: Perks or Employee Benefits
  • Chapter 12: And What Else?
  • Chapter 13: The Bottom Line
  • Index
"Two can live as cheaply as one" has become "Two incomes are better than one!"

Are you and your spouse considering going from two incomes down to one after child birth? Having trouble living on one income and considering a second income to help ends meet? This book helps simplify the process of determining if a two income household is beneficial.

Includes worksheets for analyzing the extra costs associated with a second income and numerous examples taken from real-life situations showing the pros/cons of a second income. This book will help you figure out where your money is going so you can decide what will work for you--one or two incomes.

This book is not against working moms but an examination of the realities of having a second job. A must-have for anyone considering work outside the home. If you don't have kids, this book may not appeal to you, since most of the examples do relate to working parents, not childless couples.

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