Monday, August 25, 2008

This & That

I have been using my new cleaning solutions for about a week now and I'm thrilled by the results. The window cleaner has worked well, and is also working as a hard surface cleaner. Very Important in this house as I work with powdered metals and leave little black fingerprints anywhere I touch. The toilet bowl cleaner is another gem, I like it better than the commercial stuff. Have also used the straight vinegar for my rugs and kitchen floor with good results.

So far so good, altho my partner is not overly thrilled. She says the house smells like a pickle. It does at first but once the floors etc. dry there is no odor. And that is the key--NO ODOR!!

Yea Rah! Yea Rah!

I still haven't heard from the technician concerning my orthotics. I have been cleared by the insurance company to get them so at least that one major hurdle cleared. Now I just need the tech to call.

Overall my foot/ankle is much better. It's not 100%, I still have numbness in the ball of my foot and toes but the excruciating pain is gone. I do have some pain (and stiffness) but it's bearable; haven't had to take a pain pill in 3 weeks.

Been working on my budget and updated my NetWorth IQ, but more on that later. Altho there was minimal change in my net worth due to my Sharebuilders account not much to report.

Hmmm...what other little tid bits to add??

Been re-thinking my participation in get-paid-to programs. Since I have been working 62 hours a week I only have a few hours a day to play on the puter. I have cut back on the programs I'm involved with and currently looking more at on-line surveys and other possible on-line income streams.

Finally, been reading some of my favorite blogs cover-to-cover so to speak. You can find them listed under Information and Inspiration. This past week visited Trying to Make a Dollar Outta Fifteen Cents! was bummed to see they haven't posted since May 2008. Hoping that nothing is wrong and it's just life interrupting.

Started looking at Tired but Happy and if I haven't said this in a prior post, I highly recommend this blog. To get the full feel for TBH's blog you need to start at the beginning.

OMG!! Almost forgot, but this will be addressed in another post,,,some interesting experiments with food/cooking to tell y'all about too.

OK I'm done now :))

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