Thursday, August 28, 2008

My OMG!! Moment from the Other Night

So what has me so excited you may ask?? As silly as it sounds, I am re-discovering my freezer! Now that I have y'all confused and scratching your heads, let me explain.

For the past few months I have been experimenting with meal preparation for my partner and I; I work 55+ hrs a week from 11AM-11PM, my partner is working 3PM-11PM. Sit-down meals are rare even on weekends, so I have been trying to find a solution. My usual routine would be to prepare a few casserole type meals or what I call "put together meals" so my partner could re-heat an item on her lunch break. Not a reliable answer to our problem for 2 reasons.

Way to much waste. It never fails, I'll make a nice dinner, P doesn't come home for lunch. Or, I'll pull stuff from freezer to cook next day, then my work schedule changes (ie. called in to work early/late) and I forget that I have meat in frig to cook. I don't know how much this has cost me but I'll guess close to $60 a month if not more.

My possible solution(s) have come from various blogs and websites I have been reading. So to all of my fellow bloggers and site owners thank-you :))

  1. Freeze any and all leftovers immediately, even if I think I'll take some for lunch the next day.
  2. I have the nice option of ordering my meats (beef.chicken/pork) at wholesale through my one employer. No more gross pre-packaged stuff from W*******. Better product decent price.
  3. By purchasing my meats wholesale and in larger quantities I have been able to prepare, pre-cook, then freeze items that normally I would try and make during the week. For example--meatballs, meatloaf, hamburgers, ground beef for tacos etc.
  4. As with the ground beef I have been experimenting with some pre-cooked chicken recipes that could easily be re-heated in microwave or toaster oven in less than 10 minutes--I need more ideas
  5. Everything gets saved and frozen for later use. Scraps, bones, juices from roasts, pan drippings, veggies trimmings, etc.. Usually end up in soup stocks or gravy base
Not a big list but a beginning. So far it's helping but I have many quirks to get rid of to try and please my partner eating preferences. As far as saving money it should help, if my estimate on money thrown out is correct. I have more reading to do!!

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