Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Still Frustrated but Heading in Right Direction


Step 1--Currrent with necessities!! My monthly bills--

  • Water--($120/qtr)--$40/mth--$480/yr--$0 current--$124 past due
    • UPDATE 7/26/08: Paid in Full--next bill due Sept 28, 2008
  • Boro (Garbage)--$14/mth--$68/yr--$14 current--$47 past due
    • UPDATE 8/4/08: Paid in Full--next bill due Sept 10, 2008
  • Authority (Sewer)--$32/mth--$384/yr--$32 current--$72 past due
    • >UPDATE 8/20/08:aid in Full--next bill due Sept 10, 2008
  • WS (Phone)--$26/mth--$312/yr--0 current--0 past due
  • Fuel (Heat)--$118/mth--$1416/yr--$110 current--0 past due
  • AP (Electric)--$52/mth--$624/yr--$52--current--$52 past due
  • DTV (Satellite)--$73/mth--$876/yr--$73 current--0 past due
  • Earthlink (Internet)--$22/mth--$264/yr--$22 current--0 past due
  • Rent--$100/mth--$1200/yr--$100 current--$1600 past due
  • Groceries--$300/mth--$3600/yr
  • Monthly Total--$477 ($777+groceries)--Yearly Total $5724 ($9,324+groceries)
  • Monthly Income (Net) $1216(-2nd income)--
  • Yearly Income (Net) $14592(-2nd income)
As you can see I should not be having the problems that I am having. BUT this budget as printed does not include emergencies (ie. medical expenses) and I believe that is how my problems started over 3 years ago. Something to keep in my mind as I work on this.

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