Sunday, July 06, 2008

I still exist

Never knew that working 2 jobs would such a pain in the butt; or in my case foot/ankle.

Updated my NetWorthIQ, some progress but not much. Increased cost of living (ie. food and fuel) killing us. Not sure what to think (terrified about winter heating cost and its only July.) Medical bills due to a bum leg not helping much. Been trying to pay as I go so as not to add to my debt. Too bad medical treatment(s) aren't helping which is making matter worse financially as I have missed some work but not enough to seriously consider short-term disability.

Going to attempt to add some "new" content/articles. Six day work weeks not leaving much time for anything. Have been surfing the net for information for personal use but haven't implemented anything new as of yet. Biggest challenge currently is getting my partner on the same page with me, a slow process at best.

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