Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dr Appointment

Welp had my doc appointment today. Overall not too bad, discounting the torture of having a needle stuck into my ankle joint (actually didn't hurt as bad as the one in the heal 4 months ago). Anywhoo no immobilization as of yet, altho it is not completely out of the picture. Is dependent upon my reaction to this new injection if this doesnt help in the next 2 weeks then my foot/ankle will be immobilized for 3-6 weeks. I also need to get a special ankle brace and be fitted for the hard orthotic insert for my shoes. Also need to get x-rays done and MRI but that is not definite yet.

So much for digging out of debt, I just keep adding more. I have been paying as I go with this battle so as not to add to my debt problems. But my need to continue working is taking a toll on my ankle; doc was not too thrilled to hear I was still pulling 12 hour days. Gotta do what I gotta do.

I am hoping this injection helps :))

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