Saturday, May 10, 2008

Debts that Need Eliminated: Update 8

1. CCHCC-- $59.90
2. Chiropractic--no change-- $100
3. Eye Care Associates--no change-- $176
4. Dr S--no change-- $72
5. RG--no change-- $250
6. ZIT--no change-- $123.57
7. CCA06--no change-- $29.70
8. CCA07--no change-- $29.70
9. CA--no change--$245
10. PCH--$ 29.45

Slow but sure progress, this is not as easy as I thought it would be. I am finding that the best laid plans do not always come to pass. Have been adding "new" old debts to may grand totals as I get better organized. I have have one huge hole to get out off and that is not including my school loans.

I have recently updated my net worth, but the amounts do not show the numbers as of 5/9/08 as some of these debts are zombie debts, well over 10 yrs old, and others are dang near close to the SOL in my state. I do have to check on a few, but need to be careful. Will be following the advise in the articles I posted prior to be safe. Four of them are medical, I am stuck with them because my insurance has refused to pay--DO NOT GET CNBC insurance via BEECHSTREET, it sucks!!!!!!

I digress--have been watching the Dave Ramsey show on FBN. Impressive, more to come in a later post.

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