Saturday, March 22, 2008

When I came accross this article I had to take a second look. Altho I use cost per pound I have always looked at food items in terms of cost per serving; it has always seemed more natural to me. Finding this article has helped re-affirm something I have done for a long time.

Cost Per Serving versus Pound by Ellen Lawson Ferlazzo; a different type of tool to cut your grocery bill.

"When you are exploring different ways to cut costs in your grocery bill, one of the things you start paying attention to is the cost per pound of various cuts of meat. You probably see some things that are selling for less per pound than you are used to paying but perhaps the cut of meat is unfamiliar and you are not sure whether something is a good deal or not. How do you compare two different cuts of meat? You want to look at the cost per serving rather than the cost per pound. If something is cheap, but you throw away a lot of bone and fat, then you're paying more per serving than you might realize."

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