Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ordered a Book/Quick Update

Just a quickie:

Today I order my first book dealing with personal finances. I decided on Personal Finances for Dummies(2006, 5th edition) by Eric Tyson. I was able to find a used copy via; I'm expecting it to arrive in 7-10 days.

I will be posting a "review" of some sort in the near future.

Have found much "new" information to add, just finding the time has been difficult. Was able to add some posts recently after taking a week of voluntary layoff (but that does not happen too often).

Also updated my SaveDay progress. I am delighted in the progress my balance is making, altho it's not quite following the original plan of attack. Either way it is fulfilling my goal of building some type of savings/emergency fund [my goal to start is $100, which for me would be a great milestone ]. Once my PP balance reaches $50 I need to decided what type of account to tranfer it to. I don't like to keep more than $50 in PayPal, altho they do offer a money market option that I will be looking into. I am also exploring some option with my Sharebuilder account also. I believe my choices will be severely limited as to online options due in part to my poor banking history, and lack of exceptable ID ( I don't drive and will not waste money on a state ID card-yet).

Will be updating my NetWorth IQ within the next week or so. Not expecting the usual progress as I have had to use my income from my second job to purchase some much needed clothing and some necessary household items that we have done without for too long.

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