Saturday, July 14, 2007

Looking For Suggestions

Hey y'all!! Over the course of the past few months I have read some great information on numerous blogs. The personal journeys that are on the web are a wonderful resource to have at your fingertips. Two questions I want to pose to all you experienced "pros" out there:

Out of the numerous titles available in regards to personal finance/debt reduction, what one book would you suggest as a first book to read?
One thing I have noticed whilst reading the numerous blogs: many individuals mention Dave Ramsey and his debt reduction strategy. I have briefly look over his site, but I am wondering what other reduction strategies may be out there. So my second question is this:

Besides Dave Ramsey, what other debt reduction strageties are available? and whom do you suggest?
Any input would be appreciated as I would like to spend my $$ wisely.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,

Two books I recommend to start are:
1 - "The Soul of Money" by Lynne Twist and
2 - practically anything by Dave Ramsey.

The first really got me thinking about my emotional relationship to money and the second gave me some practical tools to start repaying my debt. I also use and enjoy [], a free tool to track your finances. Good luck to you!

Anemone said...

Keep up the good work.