Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Debts That Need Eliminated: Update 6

It's oficial--I have officially paid off 1 debt. One down "10" to go.

1. CCHCC $99
2. Dr. B $52
3. Chiropractic $100
4. Eye Care Associates $176
5. Dr S $72
6. RG $250
7. ZIT $123.57
8. CCA06 $29.70
9. CCA07 $29.70
10. Dr. H $77.50 (this bills I'm unsure,,,I have 2 differing amounts, the $77.50 is the amount on the billing statement directly from the doc so that is what I am going by)

The nice part about my remaining debts is that most of them can be paid off with 1-2 paychecks. If all goes according to plan I will have these paid down by Sept. 11, 2007. Then its the biggies,,,,my school loans and a bill of $3000. They will take much longer to clear up (more on this issue at a later time.)

I'm hoping to update my net worth this week also. Altho it will be a tad inflated due to the change in one of my debt balances due to a correction.

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