Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Debts That Need Eliminated: Update

On 3/13/07 I noted the first batch of debts that I wanted to get out of my hair. Well I am pleased to post that today I have made my first payment toward that goal--YEA!!!

I received my first paycheck from my second job today for the net amount of $207.03. I have made a payment of $130 to #1 (I have kept some money to purchase more nicorette gum and a some other minor items and one small treat for myself.)

1. CCSP $475 (4-9 paychecks): ADDED 3/25/07
--NEW BALANCE=$345 (4/11/07)
2. CCHCC $99 (1-3 pay checks)
3. Dr. B $52 (1-2 pay checks)
4. Chiropractic $100 (2-3 pay checks)
5. Eye Care Associates $176 (2-5 pay checks)
6. Dr S $72 (1-2 pay checks)
NEW TOTAL=$844 (4/11/07)
7. RC $250

Update 4/14/07: Fixed some typos I found and I'm going to add another debt(#7) that needs to be paid.

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