Friday, April 06, 2007

Check Your Unit Pricing

Don't Make This Shopping Mistake at the Grocery Store - It'll Cost You

This is so very true:

Watch what you buy at the grocery store. We've come to expect that the super large size packages of different products are the best deal on a cost per unit basis. It's one of those common knowledge kind of things. Everybody just takes it for granted that the larger containers and packages are a better deal. Except that, in more than a few cases, it's just not true. The larger containers are not a better deal. In some cases they're substantially more expensive. So, in effect, you're getting hit from both sides. Not only are you paying more for the product, you're also buying more of it. Sometimes far more than you need, or would typically buy at one time.
I have discovered that Walmart is about 50/50 on this issue. Dollar General you definitely have to watch as the packaging is "deceptive" on some products (ie. candy). Our local store's prices are horrendous to begin with, I dread even going in the store.

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