Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Useful Article

Efficient and Frugal Food Shopping

Be Picky--since I love to cook using prepared items is not an issue. Altho I do use some packaged meals (ie. Hamburger Helper) I am trying to develop good alternatives that I can make myself.

Use What You Have--Not a problem for us. Everything I buy has a reason I am usually good at purchasing just what I need AS LONG AS I HAVE A LIST!! That is the key.

Make Lists--I am finding that currently this is the KEY to controlling my grocery bill. It's when I don't make a list I have a tendency to "buy stupid."

Shop Online--not even an option. Where we live there are no stores that that allow online ordering with delivery.

Make A Game of It--not an option for as written in the article. But I do try to make a game by seeing how well I can stay on budget. Wish they would develop a way for us rural folks to be able to do this without having to drive hours away. No stores in our area take internet coupons, even those further away are iffy on this issue. I wish we could use internet coupons, but not much that can be done.

Link to original article: Shave$150 a week off your grocery bill: Attention shoppers: You're paying too much for food

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