Wednesday, September 09, 2009

And so it goes,,,

Have realized that I am not getting the internet time that I need. The job hunting aspect has slowed a bit as I need to spend time making a pest of myself and call about applications I have filed. I need to spend time doin my paid-to-read programs and surveys. It's not a lot of money but it is at least something. I need to talk to roomamte as soon as my 401k money gets here. I also need to spend less time on facebook at my friends and more on my PTR!

Update: I didn't to too well with this. Actually didnt spend much time online. I really need to get the internet hooked up at apartment, but need an income to do that. Im just not sure wich direction to go,,,thinking sticking with a landline and dial-up for now as it would only be one added item instead of 2 if I went with cable (I would still need a phone). Need to see if JUNO is available in Wichita. I don't need anything fancy just a basic internet connection.

So far there is nothing new on the job situation. Starting monday I will be making daily sojourns to Labor Ready. They are the day labor "temp agency" A friend told me about. Had every intention to do down today (8/29/09) but we didn't get home until 3AM and I was beyond tired. I need to be serious about LR until I'm able to find permenant employment.

Went to one of the local Pizza Huts on Monday (9/1/09) they actually had a now hiring sign up. Am now waiting for a call back. If I dont hear from them by Thursday will be taking a walk back there to inquire as to the progress. Did another resume and geared it towards food service; may take that with me.

Update: I didn't make it to Labor ready this past week as I was waiting on 2 calls for possible job interiews. That was a waste, I did return to the local Pizza Hut to follow up with them, but manager was unavailable. First thing Teusday I will be returning and making a pest of myself. Im a bit mad at myself but with not having my cell phone available I had to be "home" (at my friends) to get any possible call. I wanted to be able to go immediately for an interview. Kicking self for that bad idea.

I have decided to apply for a job postion with a company that I initially was hesitant to apply to. As much as I hate to admit it, Im not hving mush luck on the job hunt. I still believe that something will eventually come up, but like a friend said I can no longer be as picky. I just need to double check a few bits of information and try and find more information concerning the company. Who knows it may turn out to be a good thing if hired. Im going to bug Pizza Hut first though then do the application for this company.

If both of these option fall through then I will be returning to Labor ready. As much as I dread waking at 330AM, it is the best thing I can do for myself at this point in time. I need evey dime I can get my hands on.

Finally got good news concerning my 401k distribution, the money has been withdrawn. So with luck I will have it by the end of the week. I know they say not to take a distribution becasue of the tax ramifications, but it was a small amount, under $400, and I don't have anywhere to roll it over. I will have to live on that money until I secure employment, so it will come in handy.

Update: Received my distribution today 9/5/09, was bumeed becasue they took federal taxes out so check wasn't as much as I had planned. In the long run it is probably a good thing. I was able to repay some of what I feel I owe my friend for all her help since moving here; also paid money to roommate for our electric bill. Regretfully I still need to pay them more, but needed to get groceries, phone card for cell, and money for new glasses (which will be reimbursed--more on that later). I also need to have money to use for bus transportation so friend won't feel like she has to cart me around.

Been working on multiple posts to publish in the coming days and discovered some new topics to discuss: telecommuting, a post about the different types of flour and their uses (will be new info for me), different types of leavening agents and their uses (non-yeast quick bread recipes), and now that I live in Kansas better learn about emergency preparedness for tornadoes.

One post is done, with one almost done. I also thought I may write about the application process for receiving social services if i decide to apply. Not sure as yet what that will entail, especially since I dont have a permenant address.

As I mentioned a few weeks past, I have been in contact with the local LIONs club in an attempt to receive assistance for getting an eye-exam and glasses. I did hear back from them and they approved me for both. I have already had my exam (45 years old and I have cataracts, which explains the change in my eye-sight in recent months) and they have approved me for lenses and frames at a re-imbursement cost of $50. The nice thing about it, they will allow me to utilize the services of Zenni Optical, an online company that has full single lense glasses starting at $8 and lined bi-focals starting at $36. I have to pay first then submit the receipt. They liked the idea so much they asked for more information and want to know what my experience ends up like for future reference.

Once my eye issues are taken care of the next item is dental. It really stinks that all this got pushed so far into the backround prior to my leaving PA. I had halfway decent insurance but all my money was tied up in moving out and re-establishing housing. It's ashame that I hadn't thought of moving to KS even sooner than I did.

Received some paperwork from unemployment concerning my appeal. They now want a hearing which I can do by phone but the only problem is my cell is a prepaid and I only keep minutes on it when I can afford it. In other words I will probably be out by the time the 17th rolls around. I could use my friends phone but she usually does not get up for they day before 1-2PM due to her health issues. Going to have to see if I can spend the night in order to use here phone.

That pretty much sums up my past week. Hope all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!!


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