Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Cover Letter" or Networking; both?

Below is a copy of a letter I recently e-mailed to a prospective employer in regards to their response to my posted resume. Al-tho it's not a cover letter per se, I am hoping that if I am not a fit for the job posted, it might peek their interest for other possibilities within their company. I think I am looking at this e-mail/letter more as a networking tool. Since I am in a new state/city, I can't overlook any chance of networking. Will have to see how it works out, but I would be foolish not broaden my wings at any chance.

One thought I am trying to keep in mind is that job searching/hunting is a job in itself. I have found that this "old" piece of advice has improved my outlook and mood. I have been trying to keep a few hours a day dedicated to improving my employment status.


I am writing in regards to your inquiry concerning my resume posted at I wish to thank for taking the time to read and respond to my resume. I look forward to meeting with you at the career fair to be held at your offices on Thursday, August 13.

Your need for motivated individuals with strong communication skills, customer service experience, and positive attitude is a good match for my years of experience within the food service and retail fields. The ability to treat all consumers with genuine interest is important especially during these difficult economic times. Finding the right product to fit consumer needs should always be at the forefront in any consumer industry; something I feel I am able to do.

My time in the manufacturing field accentuated the need to be detailed oriented and able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing deviations from acceptable specification ranges. Hourly monitoring of the production process allowed me to make and note any needed adjustments thereby allowing co-workers to follow suit if needed. Although the testing equipment used during the production process was industry specific, computer use was necessary.

If you have any questions prior to our meeting on August 13, please don't hesitate to contact me at the above contact information. Thank you again for your time.



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