Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another day another,,,uhm!

Well I survived my initial psyche evaluation for medications. As much as I hate the idea taking meds it is the right decision. Since my relapse in March I just haven't felt the same. Altho I am much improved, my mood changes have not stabilized as I would have liked. They are manageable but still problematic. Throw in the fact that my friend of 20 years says I need to get back on meds, I know I'm having difficultlies; I trust her intrinsically and value her opinion.

As for my therapy appointment, it was cancelled and re-scheduled. I'm still dreading this appointment but it will give me more time to gather my thoughts.

Was able to get through to my former employer and speaking with the HR person concerning my 401K. They did receive my mailing and it will be sent to the corporate offices and then on to Putnam. I'm guessing I will receive my check within the next two weeks. I am just hoping that I have a job by then as that will be it for my savings. I also got an update concerning the refund I request from Greyhound, should be here in 6-8 weeks; altho it is a voucher, not cash. I will be able to use it for a trip or two to Kansas City, MO to visit friends there.

Did some job searching and found a few oddballs to post about; also found another possiblility. Need to get some letters and resumes sent out. Friday have to make a call to one local opportunity to see what their hiring status is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I do need the income to start coming in again; even part-time would be helpful at this point. Thankfully the process of jobhunting/searching has kept me "occupied", I haven't felt like a bum sitting on my ass doing nothing.

I do still much to take care over the course of the next few days/weeks. Learning a new city and the system can be a royal butt pain. It has definitely kept me busy so I won't complain too much.

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