Sunday, January 04, 2009

Points to Ponder

With the start of the new year there are some old issues that I need to give some thought to--I need new eyeglass Rx and frames for 2 sets of glasses and I also need some dental work done. Both are covered to some degree by my health insurance.

My dilemma (for lack of better word) comes in as to exactly how/when to pay. Should I save first or wait till I am billed and then make payment(s)? My gut is saying save then purchase. I have a rough estimate as to the cost for both issues but I'm stuck as to a time--I need new eyeballs, FAST!! My dental work can wait a while longer.

And yes I do need 2 pair of glasses--one pair of ANSI approved safety glasses (w/ attached side shields) for work and a pair for everyday use. Al tho I just thought of something we have a $70/yr PPE account at my job so I may have just solved part of that dilemma.

As for my dental work the cost is going to be a bit more pricey. Not only will I be dealing with my regular dentist but also a business that makes dentures. I need to have 3-5 teeth pulled (about $350) and then an upper and lower plate made (another $300-$400). Since this is more of a cosmetic procedure the need is not as great, I may just wait until the last possible moment.

Some other issues to consider for new year: possible home purchase (this would primarily fall to my partner as my current situation won't allow for this); we are in need of a new washer (maybe a dryer by year end) and a new refrigerator. I am thinking frig first since we do have a laundromat in town. Since we currently rent any large appliance purchases will have to done with much thought.

My partner is also considering a new vehicle purchase. We currently have an S-10 with 100,000+ miles on it. The truck is running well and MPG is good, but the size is problematic, only 2 people can fit in the cab.

Some other minor issues to look at throughout the new year--getting my driver's license; whether to continue with 2 jobs, especially if OT becomes available.

Looking ahead I am hoping for many good things to happen this year. Wishing you all a safe and happy new year!!

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