Friday, January 23, 2009

Attempting to Understand New Insurance Policy--Progress?

I received a partial answer from the HR person concerning the questions I had in regards to our new vision plan. Below is what I learned:

1. The vision plan allowance is for only one benefit (either glasses, contacts, or safety glasses)--personally not in agreement with this point as our policy description uses the word(s) "in addition",,,

  • UPDATE 1/23/09: called customer service this AM and received the same answer--only 1 pair of glasses/year. Not sure why policy insert is worded the way it is ("in addition") but still a good deal if I can stay within the $70 PPE for work glasses. Will have to really watch pricing so I stay with my limits to receive 2 pair of eyeballs for $20.
2. Certain lenses and options do require extra costs--lined bifocals listed as "covered-in-full",,,
  • UPDATED 1/23/08: Polycarbonate coating included for safety glasses; only lined-bifocals would be covered for my everyday glasses
3. Call customer services to be sure

Because I'm still not 100% sure about what is covered I will be calling customer service.

Well not much further than I was the other night but I'm not blaming company HR for that. New policy much for all of us to learn :))

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