Sunday, November 30, 2008

Almost B-day

Tomorrow is my day with the bankruptcy lawyer. The more I have been reading the less likely I am thinking I will go through with it. I have all my information gathered just need to print out a few more statements and get everything organized.

Since I'm having second thoughts I have been working on some contingency plans--a budget with one job, a budget with both jobs, with and without bankruptcy figured in. I would like to eliminate my second job for physical health reasons. Al tho my foot/ankle is healed it is not 100% and I'm terrified that it is going to become a chronic problem. With my preliminary numbers figured in I think I'll be keeping second job for a bit longer to build an emergency fund and some extra cushioning.

Figuring a budget is not a problem for me, sticking to it is. So I need a way to really stick to it. I'm looking at some budgeting software; I have Quicken but find it to be too complex, too much work for what little time I have. I am looking at YNAB (You Need A Budget) and Mnvelope. Only draw back is cost--Is it tacky to ask for donations to purchase one of these programs?

Speaking of YNAB and Mvelopes, has anyone used these programs?? What has your experience been with them? Is the initial outlay of cash worth it? Ay other programs to consider or am I better off figuring out my own system? Think I need to do a bit more digging before I make a decision.


Steve said...

I've never used Mvelopes so I can't comment there but I do know that YNAB is worth your time.

My wife and I struggled for years with money management until I found YNAB. We knew the basics of budgeting but simply could not get our head around the day-to-day mechanics of it. The reason we got it all figured out with YNAB wasn't because of the the software but instead it was the YNAB methodology. The author created 4 "Rules" that govern your actions with money and following them simply works.

As for the cost? Yes, there is a cost but the great thing with YNAB is that it's a one time outflow as all future upgrades are free and they're constantly improving it!

Beth aka "Peete" said...


Thank you for your comment concerning YNAB,,,I will definitely take a closer look at this program. I have been searching the net for similar programs etc. trying to make the right decision.

I have a spread sheet budget figured out for January, February, and March so I'm not rushing too much but would like to have something soon.