Friday, July 18, 2008

Thoughts Concerning Budget

Now that I have my basic budget I need to see where I can trim some fat.
  • Water--The only item I can think of at this time is the need to purchase a low flow shower head. My partner and I both take showers everyday due to our jobs sometimes twice a day depending on the heat. (I work in a powdered metal factory, my partner works in janitorial cleaning the public school, some of the sh*t she has to clean is disgusting.)
  • Garbage--Nothing can be changed here; we just got a notice concerning a rate hike
  • Sewer--Cost is about 67% of the water bill, if water usage goes down sewer bill should follow suit
  • Phone--Short of eliminating phone service completely, this bill is as low as it gets; we only have basic service. Which reminds me I should problably add our tracfones into the budget.
  • Heat--I am definitely purchasing a programmable thermostat this year!! With my partner and I both working second shift we should be able to keep the heat fairly low. I currently use different types of window treatments to try and control heat loss during the winter months, but I don't know if it has had much effect in the past.
  • Electric--Bill runs about $48 a month, been trying to lower it by switching to CFL bulbs. I have all but 2 lights changed but have not seen any difference, but we run A/C and fans. (Our house is very small with little or no air flow, full sun exposure all day, lousy insulation, lousy everything this also affects heating bill.)
  • Satellite--This bill could be lowered by half, but it is our only source of entertainment. We live in the middle of nowhere so our "entertainment" is limited. Altho we do have access to lower cost cable I will not support a family of thieves and liars (Adelphia now known as Zito Media).
  • Internet--Can't get any lower that dial-up!!
  • Rent--Again cant go any lower.
  • Groceries--I'd like to see this cut even more but have run into difficulty due to the hours my partner and I work; 11am-11pm for me partner works 6am-3pm. She's not much of a cook so our microwave and toaster-oven get a workout. There in lies the problem, if I don't pre-make lunch and dinner items we end up spending when we shouldn't be. I have been working on that but I have not been consistent and that makes me wonder if working 2 jobs is actually worth it.
As you can see I have a bit of thinking to do. My biggest concern is whether to continue working 2 jobs. It is a decision I am acting slowly on as I have to consider not only finance issues but health as well.

Financially dropping down to one job should not be an issue IF I can stick to our budget. But that is a big "if" since I seem to be having difficulties with 2 incomes.

My health issues are another story. I have been battling a bad foot/ankle since August--dxd as a grade 2 sprain/ligament tear which developed into tendonitis and plantars facitious (sp?) when I sprained my other ankle 4 months later. I discovered that walking on 2 bum feet is not a good thing. I now have tendonitis in both ankles altho my right one is the worst and is not healing; possible ankle fracture not detected in intial evaluation. I am waiting on another doctors appointment to determine what direction to take (continue to work in current condition with hopes time will heal or short term disability with/without immobilization). My appointment next week will determine whether what direction I take.

Some points that I have to ponder in the near future!!

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