Saturday, February 23, 2008

Articles Of Interest

This is an unusual post to say the least. Below you will find a mass of links to articles I need to read and absorb; but I'm so far behind that I haven't had time to organize them. Since I am in the process of swapping computers (my laptop is dying slowly- so am trying to transfer 1000's of files to another computer--what fun!!) I am just going to ad them as as for now so I don't lose the information.

The Connection Between Personal Finance and Self-Esteem by Cathy Kohm Tanaka Achieve your financial goals and be a lot happier with yourself Story Here -

How Bad Credit Can Impact Your Life Bad credit can impact many parts of your life. Here's how, and what to do Story Here -

Cost Per Serving versus Pound by Ellen Lawson Ferlazzo A different type of tool to cut your grocery bill Story Here -

Avoid Work From Home Scams Find out which businesses from home are legit, and which are not Story Here -

Ten Commandments of Personal Finance Follow these commandments to get your financial life in order Story Here -

Pay Off Student Loan Debt by Harrine Freeman 7 tools to repay those student loans Story Here -

Simple Dehydrators and Other Ways to Dry Food by Pat Veretto Drying vegetables and herbs the way Grandma used to do Story Here -

A Beginner's Guide to Budgeting Success by Kim Randall Reach your desired financial destination Story Here -

Paying Off Debt Not Always Best Option Sometimes, financial flexibility is more important than getting rid of debt Story Here -

Grocery Woes! Due to not planning at all, Chad's family wasted so much money at the grocery store each month. Find out how you can save money each month! Story Here -

I'm Out of Money by Gary Foreman When there's more month than money Story Here -

Creditors Can Garnish Your Bank Accounts There are three ways creditors tap into your money; one of them is by draining your bank account, and often they can take every dime Story Here -

Don't Let 'Zombie Debt' Ruin Credit Stay on top of debt collectors who say you owe money when you don't Story Here -

Lawyer Can Stop Collector Harassment Until a bill is paid, it is in play and you may hear from a collector Story Here -

Specialty Consumer Reporting Agency List These are agencies that report on whether consumers pay late on their rents, gambling debts, medical bills, and if they bounce checks Story Here -

The Benefits of Slow Cooker Cooking by Monica Resinger Saving time and money in the kitchen Story Here -

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