Tuesday, July 03, 2007

An Interesting take on a Familar Topic

I found this How to Stop Accumulating Debt back in March when I was first started looking for information and guidance.

The pointers given to stop accumulating more debt:

Cut up your credit cards--keeping one card for emergency use is OK (ie. car rentals).
Leave social status at the door--Wish I could get my partner to understand this concept--we don't have to keep up with the Jones. I could care less about what other people have and comparing my situation to others is a deadly game.
Don’t borrow money from friends--Now that I have a second income this is no longer an issue, altho the most I borrowed was $20 for two days. Most times I would go without whatever, and if I did borrow money it was usually used for food items.
Use cash all the time--This is something I am doing I do have a CC but it's only used in emergencies (I don't even keep the card in my wallet.) With my second income I haven't had to use it. I do use my check card tho as I do not like to carry cash on me when I shop. I also have stopped using paper checks for the time being. I have/had a terrible habit of trying to "float" checks. Again with having a second income the "need" to do this has lessened, but why tempt fate. Some far this game plan seems to be working OK, I just need to be more disciplined.

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