Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Signs of Progress :))

Updated my NetWorth IQ today and I am pleased to say I have made a small dent in my debts. My assets have increased by $7 (1.86%) and my "known" debts have decreased by $430 (.76%).

I'm being good too by not throwing out any bills I get, no more head-in-the-sand routine. In a strange sort of way I have been waiting anxiously for the "new" copies of bills to come in. I am hoping to get all my old bills organized so I can see the full extent of the monetary damages.

My biggest debt obviously is my school loan(s), they are consolidated but for 20+ years I have yet to make any type of payment. That is why the balance is so high. On the up side, if I can get all my other debts cleared up all I will have left is the loans.

Another issue I'm debating is what to do about debts that have already been charged-off and are older than 7 years. Do I dig them up or leave them as is? One project for the near future is to get copies of my cedit reports.

I have a few articles that I need to read concerning zombie-debts hopefully they will lead me in the right direction.

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