Friday, March 02, 2007

No OT What to do!!

I work second shift in a powdered metal factory and I used to get a lot of OT but things have been slow. I believe part of my current money difficulties is due to lack of OT. I used to average 16-20 hrs/check now nothing. That's $150-200 less every two weeks.

Get a second job? Wish I could, have been trying to do that for over 12 months. Altho I did have a second job for 3 months, but I had to give it up when I got a new position at work and had to attend in-house classes.

Hard part about where I live is there are only so many places to work and many people needing jobs; if you already have a job employers are reluctant to hire you over someone that doesn't have a job. Also my availablity is not very appealing, altho it is workable.

In order to "supplement" my income I have had to rely on the internet. When I am not at work I spend my time online, so finding something to earn money seemed to be the next logical step. So the search began on what to do to earn some money.

This is what I found:

PAID TO READ PROGRAMS: When I first was introduced to these programs I became quickly infatuated with them. I was soon to learn that they are not all they are cracked up to be. Of my original 20 or so programs I am now down to five, soon to be four. The reason for keeping the final four programs, they have paid me everytime with no problems for 3+ years.

(OK I really was hoping to use a banner link for this but can't figure out how it works. So will have to rely on a text link instead.)


  • has minimum payment Limit of 10 cents only so we will be paid month for all the actions we take at their site.
  • Not only will you get paid for the emails you read, but you will also get paid for the emails that your direct and indirect referrals read.
  • Advertisement options to fit any advertiser's budget. The more advertisers they can satisfy, the more emails we get, the more money we make!
  • Premier Membership. With that you will receive guaranteed referrals for life, and even have a chance of winning cash prizes and free advertising at their site.
TOTAL EARNINGS=$30.93not a major amount for 3yrs of clicking but every little bit helps.


  • Same as CashForAction.
TOTAL EARNINGS=$11.96 ($42.89)a bit better when added together.


  • Again same as CashForAction and DollarForAction.
TOTAL EARNINGS=$10.26 ($53.15)if a look at in this way, 1 month of electric free I can't complain.


  • Same concept as above but their payout is set at $4.00.
TOTAL EARNINGS=$11.08 ($64.23).

That takes care of the PAID TO READ PROGRAMS. Just a few notes for reference: [1] These programs are not MLMs. [2] You are not required to "recruit" others to receive your payouts. [3] It is necessary to have Paypal to receive your payout. [4] You will not get rich with these programs as you can see by my totals $64 in 3 yrs. But please bare in mind I have absolutely no referrals in any of these progams. [5] The 4 programs above are programs I have been paid by with no troubles, they are all within the TOS. They are well run programs.

Hope this little beginning "primer" will help. Later I will talk about paid to click sites, paid to surf, paid online surveys, and affiliate programs.

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