Thursday, March 08, 2007

Grocery Shopping is so Much Fun--Part 2

Now that the shopping is done let's see what the costs per meal/portion is.

(Just a note, due to work schedules and family commitments my partner and I very rarely eat more than one meal at home. Our lunch is actually dinner. If by chance we do eat twice at home, I have tried to schedule meals that have leftovers that's why the number of portions and portion cost is important to me. Our life is a bit hectic as I work second shift and my partner works for school district as a substitute secretary plus she cares for her six youngest nieces and nephews. That is why only one meal is scheduled at home I eat second meal at work, partner eats with nieces and nephews. Therefore I look at number of portions and their cost.)

Friday-Hamburger Helper=$1.50, 1lb grnd chuck=$2.63, 4oz shredded cheddar cheese=$.87. Total for meal=$5 (not incuding drinks)--Portion Total (3)=$1.67. The packaging says four portions but we usually only get three, but we don't eat anything else with this. The third portion becomes my lunch at work.

Saturday-Saucy Pork Chops=$1.72 ($4.20÷5 portions=$.86/portion), homemede parm noodles=$.63, corn=$1.12. Total for meal=$3.47--Portion Total (2)=1.74. Only leftover should be some corn which I'll throw into a soup concoction.

Sunday-Roast Chicken=$1.16 ($3.49÷6 portions=$.58/portion), doodle-bugs=$.20, green beans=$.98. Total for meal=$2.34--Portion Total (4)=$.73. There will be some chicken left which either becomes a one fill-in leftover meal and/or chicken salad for sandwiches. Carcass and juices and beans will become soup concotion.

Monday-Goulash=$6.63, mozz cheese=$1.73 Total for meal=$8.36--Portion Total (10)=$.84. There will be lots of leftovers for second daily meals or even another full dinner.

Tuesday-Chicken ($5.55÷3=$1.85) w/ broccoli ($.98) and ramen noodles ($.29). Total for meal=$3.12--Portion Total (4)=$.78. Since I'm making ghoulash on monday I don't think I'll be making this. Most likely I'll wait till next week to make this--stretching food budget.

Wednesday-Hot dogs/Rolls ($1.06), pan fried potatoes ($.50). Total for meal=$1.56--Portion Total (2)=$.78. Quickie meal since partner has to work in the PM instead of AM.

Thursday-Chicken ($5.55÷3=$1.85) Broccoli ($.98) Casserole ($1.18 shredded cheddar cheese+miracle whip). Total for meal=$4.01--Portion Total (6)=$.67. Leftovers will be used for second meals or my work lunches.

Snacks=$5 Drinks=$21 Misc=$2 Total Meal Costs=$22.86 ------------------------ Actual Total Food Cost for Week=$50.86 (based on the assumptiom I will have some product left multiple use packages).

That leaves $27.87 of food product to utilize next week.

By looking at my food cost in this way I am hoping to show what, when and where I can cut more cost. One things I am trying to do is to make my own side dishes to compliment the main course. That issue all depends on how well we like my experiments. I guess only time will tell.

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