Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Debts That Need Eliminated

Currently these are the debts that I need to get rid of. I put them in order of priority. As sad as this sounds these are all medical bills.

What I have decided to do is take the income of my second job and apply it to each bill in order. My primary income will be applied to current housing bills and groceries etc. I'm planning on $40-$60 of "weekly" income or $80-$120 biweekly income.

I have found out that I will be getting paid monthly (actually biweekly as we get a partial advance). Based on 15 hrs/wk I should net about $130 every two weeks. If I get paid weekly:

1. CCSP $475 (4-9 paychecks): ADDED 3/25/07
2. CCHCC $99 (1-3 pay checks)
3. Dr. B $52 (1-2 pay checks)
4. Chiropractic $100 (2-3 pay checks)
5. Eye Care Associates $176 (2-5 pay checks)
6. Dr S $72 (1-2 pay checks)

Based on this in as little as 15 weeks I can get this first batch of old bills cleared up.

Next up will be this batch. This is going to take a lot longer as these bill are in the $1000-$50,000 range. Can you guess which is the $50,000? I still need to figure out what I exactly owe on some of these old-old bills and see if there are any more hiding out. This is what happens when you bury your head in the sand for too long!!

Credit Cards Old
School Loan
National Fuel

As time goes one I will update this post to show any progress I make.

UPDATED 3/25/07

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